Vision and mission of the company

We asked ourselves a simple question. Where are we right now? After answering, we asked the next.

Where and who do we want to be in a few years? In reply, we formulated a vision.


Vision of  PKS International CARGO S.A.

We want to be a reliable and recognizable partner on the market of customs and logistic services. We build value based on the competence, experience and commitment of our employees. We constantly invest in our development and we are looking for new solutions.

“Through the vision, we set an ambitious and at the same time realistic goal for the future position of our company.” We emphasize the importance of customer relationships and the value of our employees. Company “

– Chairman on the board Andrzej Lepich

The mission describes the sense of existence of our company. This is our internal credo, a declaration for society and a philosophy that we follow every day.

Mission of PKS International CARGO S.A.

Our company quickly, professionally, safely and kindly provides clients with comprehensive customs and logistics services.

We proudly represent the words and believe in their success.

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